Decorative Ceiling Tiles Introduces Two Wine-Themed Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 25th Aug 2014

Do you love wine as much as we do? Then we bet you’ll love our two beautiful new wine-themed tiles that would fit perfectly into a wine-themed room or restaurant: the jazzy 202 Deco Leaves and the gorgeous 214 Napa Valley.

Deco Leaves

The 202 Deco Leaves decorative ceiling tile features a cascade of Art-Deco-style grape leaves and delicate waves of gently floating tendrils.

202 Deco Leaves Tile

These amazing tiles let you sit back, relax, and imagine yourself lying under the dappled sunlight of a beautiful gazebo in wine country. They would look great in any home or business but would be especially suited for wine cellars, wine bars, and Greek, Italian, or Middle Eastern restaurants and bistros. Their jazzy Art Deco theme makes them great in a perimeter or row that complements any of our wine- and grape-themed faux-tin tiles, such as our new 214 Napa Valley decorative ceiling tile (described below) and our 2485 Wine Country tile. Available finishes include gleaming Copper, shiny Brass, and three two-tone finishes: Antique Brass, Antique Gold, and Antique Silver.

Napa Valley

Like the bright California sun that spreads its warm glow over the abundant vineyards of the fertile Napa Valley, our 214 Napa Valley faux-tin decorative ceiling tiles gracefully spread their glowing beauty over your wine cellar, wine bar, wet bar, or restaurant.

214 Napa Valley Tile

Each of these sweet tiles features a quartet of delicious bunches of adorable baby grapes surrounded by tiny tendrils and tender grape leaves. These tiles are available in three brilliant finishes, Cream Pearl, Brass, and Antique Brass.

California Vineyard

Image courtesy of xedos4/

The 214 Napa Valley faux-tin decorative ceiling tile would be equally fitting in a bistro, Italian or Greek restaurant, wine cellar, or even gracing the front of your home wet bar.

If you have a wine cellar, wet bar, wine bar, or restaurant project that uses our decorative ceiling tiles, we’d love to hear from you. Just email us and you might just see your name in print!

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