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Written by Milan Jara on 31st May 2019

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Commercial ceilings are very much a part of most corporate offices around the world, and they rightly deserve that spot due to numerous reasons. There are a large number of advantages to using these commercial ceiling tiles; for one, they add to artistic taste amongst many other features and functionalities.

Newer commercial ceilings were created for hiding building infrastructures like wiring, ductwork, and piping (they were made for adding aesthetic value more than anything else). If you want to achieve that, all you need to do is create a plenum space above the dropped ceiling; this would also allow access for repairs and regular inspection.

For a long time now, there has been a drastic development in the sizes, uses, colors, designs, and kinds of materials used for these commercial ceiling tiles. There has also been a noticeable decrease in the total cost of fitting these ceiling tiles. And that’s not all; they do not only add to the aesthetics of the work area where they are installed as there are also plenty of other advantages of using these commercial ceiling tiles.



Why You Should Use Commercial Ceiling Tiles

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There are a lot of benefits to using commercial ceiling tiles. If you are confused about whether or not to use commercial ceiling tiles, then check out their design objectives below.


It is well known that ceilings are a crucial aesthetic element of building architecture even though people might not really look at them. There are some fantastic buildings worldwide which have some astonishingly designed ceilings, and also help to carry out a host of designing objectives.

Not only do they conceal wiring, ductwork, and piping, but these ceiling tiles have also become the rightful standard for installing fire safety equipment. They can successfully hide sprinkler systems and at the same time,manage to provide full suppression quality.

So, these commercial ceiling tiles provide aesthetic quality by concealing these sprinkling systems without preventing them from carrying out their main purpose, which is to provide the first level of cover in cases of fire outbreaks.


The earlier objective of these ceilings was acoustic control and balance. A room that is too quiet might seem dull, and if it is too noisy, then it has the tendency to over stimulate the people occupying it.

Over the years, it has been noticed that the acoustic performance of commercial ceilings has improved by a large margin. With better sound absorption and attenuation that is achieved by adding insulation known as Sound Attenuation Batts (SABs) just above the panels that help deaden sound and at the same time keep adjacent rooms relatively quieter.

Environmental Factors

Some factors like VOC emissions, lighting, and thermal control system amongst many others can be affected positively by through these commercial ceilings.

Another reason why these commercial ceiling tiles should be used is because of their sustainability properties like the use of recyclable materials, energy efficiency related to indoor lighting, and reduced resources that are needed for the construction of these tiles.

Low Cost

These commercial ceilings are relatively cheaper and have a better return on investment when compared to open ceilings. So, you are getting a more artistic ceiling at a lower cost if you opt to utilize these ceiling tiles.



Advantages of Using Commercial Ceiling Tiles

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Fire safety

Over the last few years, fire safety regulations have been very demanding, and it has affected the choices engineers and contractors have had to make in commercial buildings. These commercial ceiling tiles are made from mineral fibers, plastics, tin, composite or fire rated wood panels to meet fire standards. All of these materials differ in terms of safety ratings, so they have to be adjusted to meet fire safety standards.

Modifications are Easy to Make

Arguably the most notable advantage of using these ceiling tiles is that they allow for easy modifications. They provide you with instant access to the plenum, which you can use for repairs and maintenance.

Piping and wiring that are installed behind your common wallboard or plaster ceilings can be tough to get access to; but if you utilize these ceiling tiles, it is very easy to dismantle and assemble the whole thing which means that repairs or maintenance are easy.

If you plan to relocate your work area, you can take down all the ceilings and assemble it in your new workspace, thus prolonging its lifespan.

Easy Installation

It is very easy to utilize these ceiling tiles for a drop ceiling. You can do it yourself with some household tools with so much ease.

Professional Looking Appearance

These commercial ceiling tiles give a wide range of ceilings that would fit in and match the interior of any environment a professional look. This is highly important given the fact that your customers/clients will want to see a work area that has a neat and uncluttered design, which gives an indication of a competent corporate culture. They wouldn’t want air conditioners, pipes and other unconcealed materials glaring at them.

Insulation with Energy Efficiency

If you opt to lower the height of the ceiling by utilizing these ceiling tiles in the office, it will provide you with astonishing insulation which will also lower the energy bills due to the fact that there is lesser space to heat. So, if your workspace is located in an area that faces harsh winters, then using these ceiling tiles for your commercial ceilings makes absolute sense.


Many commercial ceiling tiles nowadays are made of materials like aluminum, which are about 98% recycled; making them the perfect choice for both the consumer and the industry. This also helps to improve carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

Moisture and Sagging Resistant

If you choose to use these commercial ceiling tiles for the ceiling of your work area, what you would get is a ceiling that is resistant to mold, mildew, sagging, and bacteria. They can also be used in damp environments like bathrooms too, and you would not encounter any problems.

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