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Tin Sample Packs

There are 3 sample packs available.  There is one that shows our 3 copper finishes on random pattern tiles.  Another one is Custom 5 - pack which allows  you to chooose 5 different finishes from our Traditional, Speciality and Premium finishes.  Our hand painted Artisan finshes including Solid Aged Copper can be obtain within the Artistan Sample Pack.  So before you invest in your ceiling, request a sample so there are no surprises..

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Description of Tin Sample Packs

There are a lot of advantages to shopping online for products such as better selections, lower prices, and the convenience of browsing from the comfort of your favorite chair. However, there is one drawback and that’s hoping the color seen on your monitor screen is close to what you’ll receive at your front door. That red shirt you purchased may be closer to orange when it arrives and those sheets you could have sworn were a light brown may appear to be pink when you make your bed.

Buying tin ceiling tiles online isn’t any different and that’s why Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers the ability to check colors and finishes before making a major purchase. There are several tin sample packs available that allow you to see the actual colors of tiles and ensure they match the rest of your room décor. Cost varies by package, but in every case the tin sample packs can be a great way to avoid making an expensive mistake. Choose from the following packages:

Metal Sample Pack of 3 Copper Finishes – this package contains samples of Decorative Ceiling Tiles’ copper, aged copper and polished copper finishes. Copper and aged copper are solid copper and polished copper is a plated aluminum tile. The samples are 6 inch squares and patterns may vary.

Tin Tiles Custom 5 Pack of Artisan Finishes – select any five hand-painted Artisan tiles for this custom tin sample pack. The samples are 6 inch squares and patterns may vary.

Tin Tiles Custom 5 Piece Sample Pack – choose any five finishes in the traditional, specialty, or premium tile categories. The samples will be 6 inch squares and patterns may vary.

Keep in mind when ordering that specific patterns may not be selected and sample packages are for color reference only. Tin sample packs may not be returned.

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