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Drop Ceiling Grid Sleeves

Decorative ceiling grid sleeves are a great way to match your grid to our metal tiles. They come in 80 finishes, just like our metal ceiling tiles. In our online shop, we offer five different parts to cover your grid, and they are listed below. Whether used within a home or in a commercial establishment, installation of our drop-ceiling grid covers can give your space a sense of beauty and steely durability.

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Drop Ceiling Grid Sleeves

A drop-in tin ceiling tile system can be a great method for upgrading a room with an old out-of-level ceiling, where you want to add some plumbing, insulation, or wiring, without cutting into the existing ceiling, or where you just don’t want to go to the trouble of adding plywood for a nail-up tile application. The process of installing drop-in metal tiles is DIY-friendly, and the grid system you’ll need to support the tiles is available to buy at just about any home improvement store. These are some of the major reasons why grid ceiling tiles remain a popular addition to any residential property or business.

The only problem is that all of those wall angles and cross-tees on a standard dropped-ceiling grid you purchase aren’t going to match your beautiful, tin decorative ceiling tiles; they’re normally only available in white, black, brown, and a few other fairly dull colors. Not to worry: Decorative Ceiling Tiles has you and your standard grid system covered with drop-ceiling grid sleeves that can be used to transform a home improvement store grid into finishes that match your drop-in tin ceiling tiles. In some ways, you could say that suspended-ceiling grid covers often look like they just dropped out of thin air. Suspended-ceiling grids can give your overhead view an extra pop of tantalizing color.

Grid ceiling tiles of any color can be matched with a complementary sleeve. The sleeves are sold for just about any situation you may encounter in your drop-in installation, such as:

  • Perimeter wall angle sleeve, used where your drop-in system meets the perimeter walls
  • Corner grid sleeve, used where wall angles meet corners
  • Three-way intersection cuff, used where main tees meet your wall angle
  • Four-way intersection cuff, used where main and secondary tees meet in the center of the room
  • Main tee sleeve, used to cover main and secondary tees in the center of the room

Don’t settle for a standard grid system for your beautiful drop-in tin ceiling tiles when you can upgrade to Decorative Ceiling Tiles’ drop-ceiling grid sleeves for a very budget-friendly price. Our drop-ceiling grid covers can be just what you need to turn your standard ceiling into a visual masterpiece.

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